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Protect & Personalize Your Nexus 6P

When it hit the market last fall, the Nexus 6P made some serious waves. Not only was it a new Nexus device, but it was the first one in a long time to combine killer specs, a solid camera, and a slim profile with a highly competitive price. As such, many critics are hailing it as one of the best android phones to hit the market in recent years. This makes protecting it a top priority. Yet there are several problems when shopping for phone cases—they’re too bulky, there aren’t that many options and they don’t look that great. You can solve all of these problems with a custom skin!


The Nexus 6P’s body is encased in aluminium, and, though sturdy, it can make the device slippery to hold. But Nexus 6P skins are made out of vinyl, and the finish gives the Nexus 6P a simple and comfortable grip. The vinyl is 3M, precisely cut to the phone’s measurements. This means the skins provide excellent protection against scratches, cuts, and even mild splashes. Unless you plan on dropping your phone from the top of a ladder, a skin will provide you with protection from every day wear and tear.

Another benefit they have over traditional cases is their small footprint on the phone’s profile. It’s no secret that phones have gotten bigger over the past few years. While great for gaming and streaming, the bump in size definitely makes the phones more difficult to carry. The Nexus 6P is 159.3 mm x 77.8 mm across and 7.3 mm thick. Any addition to the dimensions of this massive phone makes a huge difference in the phone’s size and portability. Skins adhere to the exact measurements of the phone, adding very little to the overall dimensions of device. This lets your Nexus 6P keep its super slim profile, while keeping it safe.

And the styles of skins really are beyond compare. Certain brands allow you to customize individual parts of the skin packages such as the frame, back, front, camera, and even the logo on some phones. These brands will let you buy parts individually and offer designs ranging from wood, leather, matte and carbon: all in a ton of colors!

And if you have a Nexus 6P, you might have noticed a bit of difficulty finding good looking cases for them. Nexus 6P skins don’t have the availability problem. Whether it’s a wooden back with a copper face, or a black leather backing with golden trim, there’s a ton of options to be had with skins! To see what sort of selection you have in store when you make the switch to skins, check out Their precision cut 3M vinyl skins are available for most electronics (not just the 6P) and come in a huge selection of colors and textures.

Finding an amazing Nexus 6P skin is simple. Just open up your Chrome app on the phone and start playing around with your options. Create a totally unique skin other Nexus users would be jealous of. Then order it and see exactly how much protection these skins add.

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