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How to Recover Deleted or Lost data from Android Phone with Coolmsuter Lab.Fone for Android

If you prefer to surf the web to brainstorm new ideas and thoughts, save the articles or studies in your Android mobiles to refer back to them when you are ready to read them. As we know that the creation idea and the language expression need the inspiration, you need to take effective and powerful means which can develop writer’s thinking and collect useful information to enrich the content of what you suppose to express the life. In doing so, more and more mobile data like messages, contacts, photos and other files have obtained in your Android mobile phones as relevant primary or secondary materials. The value of data is to help you become as independent as possible, and lead you to more fulfilling and rewarding your life, either in writing or other activities. On the other side, by reviewing all phone conversations you have had in the phone list, you will find that the input data has been increased in large quantity so as to make the mobile memory become insufficient. You know many misoperations or other reasons that may lead to data loss, when you encounter the data loss, how do you recover lost data on Android phone? This is article will mainly talk about how to recover deleted data from various Android device. Like messages, contacts, photos, call history, documents.


Some important information, such as the writer’s articles, business secrets, related data from science department, and the different kinds of research documents stored in Android phones will cause a very big damage when it’s lost or deleted. You may not have intention to get so in-depth with your data system but the techniques of the recovery process are pretty important to understand particularly because there is a risk of data corruption. This could occur if the improper plug during Android system running, virus attacking hacked deliberately, or if an error has occurred when you are sharing video and audio with your friends over a network. So the next question will be how you can recover the deleted or lost data from Android on your computer? When you need to recover text messages on Android phone, this article will also introduce an excellent tool for you.


You certainly know that there is no way to retrieve the deleted or lost data with the preset software installed in the Android system. In recent years, the third party software suppliers has shared data tools and developed specific software for recovering deleted data from mobile phone on Windows 7,8 computer, which is regarded as one of the revolutions of new tool for tracking data flows. Most consumers has defined them as merely ways to recover the deleted data, but the technology is capable of recovering Android phone data and even can be used by professionals. One of the useful software is Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android, which is specialized in working on Windows 7, 8 computers. The recovery rate can be reached to as high as 100%.   For recovering deleted contacts on Android, this program show powerful performance in recovering lost contacts on Android phone.

Key Features of Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Androids

  • Contacts, SMS messages, photos, videos, music and documents can be easily recovered.
  • Retrieve deleted, formatted and lost data on Android.
  • Allow to preview all scanned out Android data recovery.



This program can recover the previous version of your deleted or lost data from Android on Windows 7, 8 computers for restoration as long as the new data is not overwritten, and in addition to restoring all your deleted data by downloading them, you can also order a backup on your computer.  Moreover, you can sync files from Windows 7, 8 computer, and share data by making the program in shared folders so as to combine the deleted android data recovery free.

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