Regular Maintenance Keeps a Car Washing Running

Beyond the convenience of not having to get out the bucket and the hose, few people think much about automatic car wash maintenance. You just drive up, it takes your car through and you check your phone while the kids oooh and aaah over the big brushes and the cascade of sudsy water. But any system that is dependent upon mechanical parts needs to be maintained.

Car Washing

The car wash operator wants the equipment in optimal running condition because if it breaks down, no cars are coming through and there is the possibility of damage to someone’s vehicle. Areas of the business included in regular car wash maintenance include the following:

  • washing equipment
  • building
  • payment collection area

All of the mechanical parts that go into an automatic car wash should be checked out according to a regular maintenance schedule. This includes the hoses, nozzles, brushes, vehicle moving system and any other components used on a daily basis. Daily checks should include water pressure, soap levels and a general run through before the car wash opens for business. Other parts should be checked more closely according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The car wash building should be kept clean and free of debris. Walls and floors should be washed and rinsed daily, drains cleaned and an inspection should be made for leaks. Change any light bulbs that have burned out because adequate lighting is necessary for the safety of employees and customers.

All of the components of the payment collection system need to be tested before the car wash opens for business including screens and card readers. If payments can’t be collected, the car wash isn’t making any money.

One important key to car wash maintenance is a reliable and responsible manager to make sure that employees follow the maintenance schedule. It is important to train the employees in their jobs, but a good manager can ensure the success or failure of a business.

Regular maintenance is very important for the successful operation of an automatic car wash. Think about that the next time you take your car through.

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