Review of Boombox Ultra Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

It is the age of high- end gadgets and every other day, there is one or another top- notch product which is hitting the market. Interestingly, all these new- age products are put up together with the intention of making our lives easier as well as more convenient. Every once in a while, a new speaker is introduced in the market and this time it is the Boombox Ultra Portable Bluetooth Waterproof speaker. As the name suggests, this portable speaker is loaded with lots of new and improved features which are hardly found in any other speaker these days. So without wasting much time, let us go through a quick review of the Boombox Ultra Portable Bluetooth Waterproof speaker.


All about Boombox portable speaker

Probably the first and foremost feature of this Bluetooth speaker is its compact size, which makes it very convenient for everyone to carry it along while on the go. Its portability and ease of use makes it ideal for outdoor picnics and while going on long family vacations.

Waterproof, dustproof

This portable speaker from Boombox is waterproof, which means that you no longer need to worry about it getting damaged the next time your children spill water on it. Also, the dustproof nature of this portable speaker makes it perfect for a beach party or while spending some quiet time with your family and friends around a beach or a bonfire. All in all, this speaker is 100 percent resistant to water as well as dust, which qualifies it as both an indoor as well as outdoor speaker.

Compatibility with all Bluetooth devices

Another noteworthy feature of this speaker from Boombox is that it is compatible with all kinds of Bluetooth devices. These include iPhones, Android smart phones and tablets, Windows PCs, iPads, iPods, devices from HTC, devices belonging to Samsung Galaxy family as well as lots of other devices that support Bluetooth functionality. In short, tablets, smart phones, laptops as well as desktop computers can be connected with this Bluetooth speaker.

Powered by Bluetooth 4.0 technology

This portable speaker is powered by advanced and improved Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This is an ultra- optimized version of Bluetooth technology which is known for consuming less power as well as for providing crystal clear sound effects. In fact, you will find its voice quality jaw- dropping and very impressive as compared to other Bluetooth speakers on the block. All users will surely notice the richness of the bass sound provided by this speaker, which is undoubtedly something craved by all buyers of portable Bluetooth speakers.

Speaker with lifetime warranty

Warranty is undoubtedly one of the major qualities that we look for while purchasing gadgets and all kinds of other electronic devices. You will be amazed to know that this portable Bluetooth speaker from Boombox comes with lifetime warranty. Its battery is Lithium- ion rechargeable and provides up to 12 hours of uninterrupted music playtime. This means that with a single recharge time of 3 hours, you can enjoy all kinds of music for around 12 hours in a stretch.

If you are a fan of good quality music and like to enjoy listening to your favourite tracks both at home and while on the run, then the Boombox portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect product for you.

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