Secrets About Tents That May Surprise You

When you hear the word tent, the term “roughing it” naturally comes to mind. However, in recent years, glamping has become all the rage. Glamorous camping provides all the comforts of a lovely home under waterproof fabric in the wilderness. Traditional tents have undergone quite an evolution. Clear span fabric structures even offer the ability to build whole multiroom temporary buildings where a permanent structure may not be needed.

Weddings tents

From the ridiculous to the sublime, enterprising people have come up with surprising uses for tents of all sizes.


It may not sound fabulous, but wedding tents can be as elegant as any building. They can look like buildings with sidewalls that incorporate French windows or use transparent material for a view of the sky. Fairie lights, chandeliers, trees and dance floors can transform yards and yards of sailcloth or vinyl into a romantic wonderland fit for royalty. Many celebrities routinely use tents for their weddings to thwart nosy photographers and journalists circling overhead in helicopters.


You may have heard of a pup tent, but now, for the kitty who has it all, the cat tent is the purrfect gift. With scratch-resistant fabric and little rolled doorways, this tiny tent is ideal for those outdoorsy cats in your family. The next time you plan a camping trip, your cat will be happy to tag along and stay in its very own abode while awaiting a fresh fish dinner.


Yurts have become more mainstream in the United States since the 1970s. Originating in Central Asia, yurts were used for thousands of years by herders. You could say it was the original mobile home. Modern yurts have incorporated windows, skylights and insulation to make them a more livable alternative to traditional housing. Some homeowners even build yurts in their backyards to use as a guest house.

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