How to Set Animated Backgrounds as Live Wallpapers on Android

One of the enormous strengths of the Android operating system lies in the fact that it does provide you one of the most powerful customizations and personalization alternatives ever. Therefore we found some great ideas for setting up custom wallpapers, custom live wallpapers, and a wide range of options to make your smartphone even cooler.

Set Animated Backgrounds

Live Wallpapers 4k & HD Backgrounds by WAVE– An excellent Option For Your Expectations

The app Live Wallpapers 4k & HD Backgrounds by WAVE has been one of the primary alternatives for providing you access to a far higher degree of performance enhancement and a great degree of cool personalizing options. The strong use base of over 10 million confirms that this customization app is highly reliable.

The App offers you access to thousands of Live Wallpapers and other HD backgrounds for most of your needs and expectations. You can pic your favorite wallpapers in several genres that would include nature, animals, art, sports, animation, and a wide range of other appealing topics.

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Some premium features that you would find quite rewarding on the live wallpaper maker would include:

  • Live 3D interactive wallpapers and backgrounds;
  • Video wallpapers;
  • Parallax 3D experience that can add up to 4 graphic layers for a background making it all the more realistic;
  • Parallax 2D is yet another excellent option that you would find all the more exciting and rewarding in its own right.

The app also provides you access to a custom home screen and lock screen. The 3D live wallpapers can be configured as both home screen and lock screen backgrounds. Of course, you may need to check your device compatibility to find if the service is available on your device, but the artworks are optimized for most medium-range smartphones.

The live wallpaper maker application is extremely easy and straightforward to use. You can simply pick the wallpapers you want to opt for and download the graphic resources. Or you can use your own photos and videos for the most personalized animated background. The simple steps and features make it quite intuitive for your needs to download your cool wallpapers and use them right away on your device.

Wave Live Wallpapers Creator

The app keeps on releasing new designs and wallpapers, and you would find it an incredibly perfect choice for downloading almost all your content without hassles. That would mean if you keep looking for the new updates, it would really be one of the exciting options ever to find new images and live ideas for enjoying your favorite cool wallpapers.

The latest update to the software ensures that you can create your own custom live wallpapers. You can make a worthy choice between Video Wallpaper, Picture Slideshows, and Parallax.

Wave Live Wallpapers Battery Smart

With the highly optimized battery usage and backup, you can use the app for cool wallpapers on practically all the occasions you may be looking forward to. The app does not use video rendering as soon as the device’s screen is closed or locked to save battery power. The My Studio feature can be further a great way to get access to prominent options.

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