So, What is A Fire Safety Plan?

A fire safety plan is a comprehensive document that addresses what strategies will be used to tackle fire safety for a particular structure or property. While all buildings are required to have a fire safety plan and have insurance from a reputable company like Insurance Solutions of America, local Fire Codes tend to be stricter on certain buildings and occupancy rates. A written fire prevention plan must be kept in the building and made available for review by all inhabitants, but for structures with less than ten people, this may be disclosed orally.

Fire Safety Plan

Your fire protection strategy should cover the following:

• A list of all significant fire hazards, safe handling and storage techniques for hazardous substances, possible ignition sources and how to manage them – such as fire sprinklers – and the fire protection equipment required to handle each significant fire hazard.

• Procedures for containing flammable and combustible waste material.

• Regular maintenance of safeguards fitted on heat-generating equipment

• For business buildings, the employee who is responsible for maintenance of equipment that prevents or controls ignition sources or fires.

• The name of individuals tasked with the responsibility of preventing fuel source dangers.

It is the responsibility of employers and building owners to warn those who frequent the facility of the fire threats to which they are exposed upon initial entry. This goes in line with the saying prevention is better than cure.

If you are not sure about your local regulations, you may need to consult a service like Insurance Solutions of America to address fire safety effectively.

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