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Speak To Me Social Media: iNexxus Secret To Success

Data collection, management and analysis have always been a large element in any brand or business’s success. As times change, and as social media platforms become ubiquitous, data grows to hold an even greater influence over success. Brands that take the opportunity to tap into the data provided by social media outlets, find methods to better interpret and act upon it, stand to benefit from data to an extent that it may even guarantee them long-term success. Likewise, the brands that ignore social media data entirely, or fail to analyze it properly, simply get closer to failure.


Don’t Listen To Noise

Data-mining and analysis requires tools. Without specific technologies to sort through and organize the mountains of data available, brands cannot compete with their competitors. With a diversity of such tools available, and the impact of social media data-mining becoming more evident by the day, it is surprising that there are still a massive number of brands that have failed to join the bandwagon and choose to take the journey on foot.

It is perhaps because some brands still assume that social media outlets are still all about selfies, and food-pics. Social media has created an environment where individuals and businesses can also discuss their needs, challenges, and wants, which create opportunities that brands can use to their advantage.

iNexxus Speaks The Truth By Example

So, how do you conduct proper data mining and analysis?

iNexxus, one of the most popular digital marketing agencies in Canada, has been employing such data mining and analysis technologies to enhance its campaigns, and deliver real and impactful results for its clients. Raffi Keuhnelian, the CEO of iNexxus Digital Marketing and Branding Agency, advises to start by first learning about Profile-Centric networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Account-Centric social networks like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. The difference between these networks mainly comes with the brand’s ability or limitations to eavesdrop on conversations, and with it, its strategy to send social signals, receive feedback, and turn this process into a lead generating strategy. Raffi Keuhnelian reveals that social data-mining practices are an integral aspect of iNexxus’ social media campaigns, but also play a vital part in the firm’s branding and overall marketing strategies.

Listen To Speak And Don’t Fall Behind

iNexxus has proven that with enhanced social media data technologies and strategies, it can target its clients’ audiences in a more precise manner, pinpoint and develop the exact information sought, and thus cater the most accurate and relevant information or offer to audiences. To put it simply, social media data used properly generates leads.

As you can see, social data mining and analysis presents another secret to success. It can even be claimed that it functions to filter brands, with those that utilize this tool, coming out on top. With more and more brands realizing the tools to decode ‘social media speak,’ make sure that your brand does not lag behind.

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