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Temple Run 2 Cheats codes for Android

If we talk about infinite runner games for Android Temple Run 2 grabs the first position. The successor of Temple Run has millions of downloads in Google Play Store. While it is not difficult to play Temple Run 2 on your Android device it is always great if you are having a couple of cheats to use while you are playing this game. There are many Temple Run 2 Cheats codes for Android which you can use while playing the game. Have a look below to find Temple Run 2 Cheats codes for Android.


Free Coins

If you are playing Temple Run 2 on your Android device you might know at this point that coins are very important. Visit the in-game store of Temple Run 2 and choose Get Free Stuff. Like the Game on Facebook from there along with following on Twitter which will get you 250 extra coins to use. There are other goodies which you should try which will get you a couple of free gems to use.

Jump high in the air as you approach cliff hangers

As you see a cliff hanger approaching jump high. Cliff hangers are a difficult obstacle in Temple Run 2 and instead of passing through them you should simply jump as it is comparatively easy and a better option. So the next time you see a cliff hanger in front you simply jump high.

Upgrade Wisely

Upgrades are the only thing which will help you in making high scores in the game. When you are in the upgrades menu of the game, choose the coins upgrade first. The second upgrade you should go for is the score multiplier followed by spawn upgrade. If you are upgrading all these items at earlier stages you will be able to make high score faster. The last upgrades you should go for are shield and boost upgrades.

Keep the mine cart lifted

The addition of mines and carts in Temple run 2 is a pretty nice feature. It is not easy to cross the mines with the carts as the tracks are one sided only at times. If you are in the mines we suggest you to lift your cart in the right direction which will help you in making high scores and there would be less chances of falling down the mines, but keep in mind that if you see a gap in the right direction you need to tilt to the left side.

Time your jumps

The next Temple Run 2 cheat for Android is timing your jumps. If you don’t time your jumps properly you might end up hitting in-between the obstacles. If you are seeing two obstacles next to each other we suggest you to simply jump a second before the first obstacle. This will help you in easily crossing both the obstacles without any difficulty.

Complete Stage objectives

There are many in-game objectives in Temple Run 2. If you see that there are objectives in the objectives screen of your game, complete it. Completing the objectives in the game will not only help you in reaching a higher multiplier but also will help you in levelling up easily and faster.

Use correct powerups

Temple Run 2 comes with a variety of powerups. You should know which p

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