The Best Luxury Hotels in the USA

The east coast of the United States of America (USA) stretches to almost 1,800 miles: from scenic Maine (on the Canadian border) to the colourful Latino influenced Miami, with series of experience all along the way. There exist the Best Luxury Hotels for any form of vacation one may be looking out for along this East Coast shoreline providing it stylishly.


The Mid-Atlantic States of New York and New Jersey also attracts thousands of international guests on yearly basis to experience and feel the sights and breeze of New York City (NYC). Luxury hotels in the city of New York are easily available on every block and with an easy trekking distance of the entire state buildings, attractions in the Central Park and shops of the Fifth Avenue are also worthy of mention. Anyone who wants to cut costs and still maintain standard are advised to consider any of these luxury hotels in New Jersey, with just a short ride and by train from the Big Apple you will find yourself right there. Robert Treat Hotel provides a superb luxury hotel accommodation with reasonable prices in the Newark’s Arts District.

The Carolinas, Florida and Georgia are well-known for their mild winters and sunshine seasons. The sandy beaches and natural wildlife are a popular attraction for retirees, vacationers and winter snowbirds throughout the year. Several families troop into Orlando’s theme parks after which they sink down on the beaches around Tampa for quiet reprieve in the sun. For those in Orlando, Westin Grand Bohemian is the only place credible of staying. It is indeed one among the very few luxury hotels therein that treats visitors as adults and discharges service accordingly.

Further to the East Coast is Washington DC- the capital city of the USA with its several government buildings and other attractions like the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and Capitol. The Four Seasons Hotel is at the posh end of the town in Georgetown. It is greatly ideal for business as it is for leisure. Visitors searching for centrally located luxury hotels with standard amenities in this capital consider it as their best option.

Northerly states in the New England offer some of United States of America’s history, with legendary foliage colours. Boston in the United States of America has such compact historic centre that can be explored following the bricks red line surrounding the main locations. Eliot Hotel is one gold list contender as well as one among the classiest luxury hotels Boston’s elegant Back Bay district ever proud to have, this hotel serves as a great base to locate Boston in America.

The last one hundred miles thereabout are along the US1 Overseas Highway jumping islands through bridges and causeways to get to Key West, end of the line. Little Palm Island is another great resort to sight, just about twenty miles west of the Marathon Key. Begin from the private powder soft sand beach of this luxury hotel in Florida’s Keys and you are nearly at the Caribbean island without setting sail.

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