The Post-COVID Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been the mantra for most organizations over the last decade. In the post-COVID world, the digital transformation most companies are undergoing will only become more crucial.

Post-COVID Digital Transformation

According to a recent survey from Deloitte, more than three-quarters of leaders surveyed said their organization’s digital capabilities are what helped them survive the challenges brought on by the pandemic. And two-third said that organizations that don’t digitize in the next five years will be “doomed.”

That’s because the pandemic introduced specific challenges that only a strong digital strategy can solve: normalizing remote work.

Millions of employees around the world shifted to a completely work-from-home schedule during the pandemic. And most are still there. In fact, according to a PwC survey, more than half of all employees would prefer to stay remote at least three days a week.

To make that happen, however, companies are going to have to invest in more digital tools to make collaboration easy in a remote setting. According to the PwC survey, many executives are already investing in virtual collaboration tools, enhanced IT infrastructure to secure virtual collaboration, training for managers to manage a virtual workforce, and conference rooms with enhanced virtual connectivity.

Despite the essential nature of digital transformation, the outcome of its success for most organizations is not clear. A recent survey found that just about half of DevOps professionals have yet to see the fruits of their digital transformation efforts.

For organizations that are worried they fall in this category, there are some steps they can need to take to make sure that their transformation efforts are a success.

  • Define the end goal. Employees need to know what a successful digital transformation is, so they know what they are working toward. To do that, company leadership needs to spend time defining the end goal of their digital transformation efforts.
  • Get employee buy-in. When your employees are on board for your digital transformation efforts, productivity and success increase significantly. To get your employees on board, however, you will need to spend time educating them about transformation means for them and the company, getting their input, and leading by example.
  • Get help. Digital transformation is something almost every organization is doing. That doesn’t make it easy or straightforward. For many organizations, leading these efforts is not something they can go at alone. That has many companies hiring a consultant, such as Escalate Solutions, who can help define and lead these efforts.

No matter where you are going with your digital transformation, it’s essential you take the necessary steps to ensure it’s a success, or risk your company and services becoming obsolete.

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