The Smaller Smarter all-in-one PC: Asus ET2040

The recent trends of gadgets getting smaller and smarter has also made the computer specialist Asus to launch it brand new all in one personal computer Asus ET2040. This new all in one PC is a complete package and has the capacity to perform high end tasks demanded by the users. This small compact PC has got all the things that a user may want to have in their PC. This is a fashionable gadget and can change the whole place with its charm. And it is a decent thing to have in any office or in your study desk. The design of this model is super creative and is an example of compactness. The detailed review of the Asus ET2040 is available on the official website of Asus.


The device comes with some real advanced technology that has been used for the first time in it. The all in one PC is available in two variants one with Quad Core processor and another with Dual core processor. The memory space available in this computer is very large as 500 Gb and with this device you get a free cloud storage of 100 GB from Asus cloud storage services. Thus allowing the user to keep a solid back up of the important files and preventing them from accidental loss.

The device has also got the cutting edge technology for hand gesture recognition and this allows the user to control the PC with their hand movements and without even touching the gizmo. You can perform multiple task like playing songs, view pictures, volume controls and many more with your gestures from a distance. The system has got intense graphic performance and it is tested with high graphics games which ran smoothly and delivered a quality animations. The RAM is 2 GB DDR3 and thus the computer runs smoothly without any glitches. To know more about Asus ET2040 log on to this website.

This computer can be of ultimate use for business work or for students. The space effective design also makes this all in one PC an ultimate device to have in your room. This device is launched by Asus recently and is available in online through Amazon. You are getting all these high end technology in your PC and also in a very affordable price of nearly 22000.

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