The Versatility of Aluminium: Properties and Application

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Buildings are incomplete without the use of t-slots. T-slots are aluminum pieces shaped in the letter “T” used to secure joints into place without the need to weld. To make the joints stable, you need to insert a T-nut and fasten the extrusion. A tight slot is durable, lightweight, and strong.

T Slot Extrusion

T slot extrusions are made of either aluminum or steel. The aluminum alloy is superior because it is lightweight, resistant to corrosion despite exposure to elements, formidable, environmentally friendly, and recyclable. If you are looking for flexibility, T-slots are the way to go.

T-slots extrusions are the best option as they can withstand elements when too cold or hot. In addition, no painting is required as they are solid and durable. Finally, when framing, using t-slots makes whatever you are working on strong, and the process is a lot faster.

Advantages of Using Extruded Aluminium T-slots

The advantages of using extruded aluminum t-slot extrusion include:


T-slots are made of either steel or aluminum alloys. Of the two, aluminum is the preferred option because of its lightweight. Aluminum has a molecular density of one-third that of steel. In addition, aluminum is superior as it has a higher strength-weight ratio.


T-slots aluminum extrusions are versatile as they are flexible. After the slots are installed and serve their purpose, the t-slots aluminum extrusion is flexible enough to handle a change. You can have the slots removed and rearranged to match your new designs. Likewise, you can rearrange them to suit your needs with the proper accessories, fasteners, and connectors.

T-slots are easy to assemble, break apart, and easily adjust without destroying the entire frame. In addition, the t-slots can be reconfigured according to your requirements, and not to forget, they are reusable.


T-slots aluminum extrusions are used in military combat vehicles, construction, trucks, and heavy machinery. These slots require no painting as they are resistant to rust. In addition, the slots have a microscopic layer of oxide which acts as a protector from the elements, whether hot or cold.

How to Use a T-slot Extrusion

T-slots aluminum extrusion can do virtually anything are they are designed to fit a specific depth and width of the intended material. The slots are used in construction to create a wall or enclosure.

There are several ways by which you can join the T-slots aluminum extrusions, and they include;

  • Hinges
  • Screw ports
  • Interlocking
  • Snap-fit
  • Nut track
  • Corner cleat

When making the connection, what you need to do is cut your material to length, apply force on the core hole, in the end, drill an access hole for the hex key, fit the profile cap screw and washer into the hole you tapped earlier, slide the screw in the head and cap the head. Finally, use the hex key to tighten the cap screw, and there, your t-slot is installed perfectly. You can make the connection in less than 60 seconds. You can install the slot without requiring any special equipment.

To get genuine T-slotted aluminum and its accessories, you need to buy from trustable sources. Legit t-slots are used for structural framing, motion, fencing, framing, machine guarding, and other uses.

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