Tiki Cultures founder, Isi Adeeko to launch POS Software

Tiki Cultures and Donkey Technologies founder, Adenike Isi Adeeko, to launch pos solution for businesses.

Isi revealed her plans for Juvangee, a software aimed at every business, ready to disrupt the world of pos inventory and sales management, using tools and strategies that will revolutionise the industry.

Donkey technologies

“Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing markets for point of sale and payment solutions, there is a high demand for advanced and affordable inventory management. We designed Juvangee to give Nigerian businesses the tools other inventory management softwares have, plus lower maintenance costs, a user-friendly interface, cloud computing, live data, high security, robust analytics. Juvangee is open to many more upgrades as the market evolves”.

“When we started Donkey Technologies, no self-respecting hospitality and media company would touch software development. As a programmer and business owner, I had to step up to find solutions to solving problems faced in our existing chains of businesses”, says Isi Adeeko who is also the IT Manager of HWP Group, the parent company of Donkey Technologies and Tiki cultures.

Our businesses needed a solution to manage and synchronize sales, inventories, employees, customers, and accounting, Juvangee is that solution. After many months of test-running on our stores and websites, we have served hundreds of thousands of customers, and we have been able to control every aspect of the business, avoid surprises, and quickly adjust for disruptions such as inventory or variation issues, all done in real-time.

Tiki Cultures

Adenike Isi Adeeko thinks existing inventory management softwares are outdated, and ignore the challenges everyday Nigerian entrepreneurs face; from theft, taxation, staff truancy, customer loyalty, and many more.

“This software is made by Nigerians, tailor-made for Nigerian businesses, and will enable small, medium and large scale business owners to manage all aspects of their business from sales-point to payment while synchronizing their online and in-store businesses, all from their devices”, she explained.

“Our software can be integrated with any POS hardware, websites, cash registers, or printers that you already have in place, with a twenty-four hour customer support system to handle all suggestions and problems”.

Donkey Technologies was founded seven years ago, with a mission is to achieve the reputation of a quality, high standard & reliable solution & service provider in the ICT industry by solving challenging performance problems of businesses and organizations using information and communications technology.

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