TimeBoss : Timer and Stopwatch for Android

Juggling different tasks? Cooking a hard-boiled and soft-boiled egg, while having bread in the oven? Busy schedule with tasks that follow each other up? Make a training schedule?


Then TimeBoss for Android will help you manage it.

So far it is easy to use and as it turns out, I actually do use it regularly. You can tweak the timers a lot (ringtone, duration, colors, what happens when you tap it, when it runs out, etc.). This gives a LOT of tweaking options, but also takes some work, simply because there are a LOT of possibilities. However, if you are using it as a simple timer, that’s fine.

When cooking or during a workout it is actually great that you can disable the timer by waving over your phone’s camera. It is fast and you don’t have to switch on your phone to disable the alarm. Nice!

TimeBoss also allows you to make different sets of timers. I now have one for my cooking and some standard sets for my workouts. It also comes with some default sets to get you started.

In the last update, TimeBoss introduced 4 customizable themes. They all look good, but I personally like the default simple (plain) layout.

So far, TimeBoss has worked very robust. The alarms went off, also after the app is killed. I even tried to restart my phone completely, and all timers were still there and running at the correct time when I started the app. Pretty sweet.

The pro version of the app comes with a widget that shows the value of the lowest timer number and name. This is quite nice. Otherwise the free and pro versions are identical.

So far TimeBoss works great for me and I highly recommend it.

There is a 1 minute overview video on YouTube:

Free version in the Google Play Store:

Pro version:

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