Tips for Creating a Culture of Safety at Your Workplace

The importance of safety in the workplace cannot be overstated. Your employees should feel confident that they’re working in a safe environment. A dangerous workplace leads to low morale. The costs for workplace injuries in the United States in 2019 were over $170 billion. This is more than just payouts for workers’ compensation insurance. There’s also the loss of productivity and profitability when an employee is recovering. Here are some ways to create and promote a culture of safety.

Tips for Creating a Culture of Safety at Your Workplace

Provide Training

When it comes to promoting a set of values, teaching is important. What do your employees know and understand about safety? Do they recognize the potential hazards of typical workplace scenarios? You should consider consulting a provider of HSE services Maryland to explore options for training employees. When company leadership takes meaningful steps, it’s easier to get buy-in from the entire team.

Provide Protection

It’s important to back up safety talk with action. Conduct an assessment of the workplace to determine the hazards and make corrective changes. From providing personal protective equipment to beefing up job site security, you can make a positive difference. Improving property lighting after dark and adding security guards are a few examples of steps to make the office safer.

Provide Incentives

A good safety program awards individuals for making positive changes. Recognizing and celebrating achievements is a good way to get your staff on board. It creates a safety mindset by encouraging everyone to be more conscious and proactive about eliminating hazards and reducing risks. It also encourages workers to look out for each other, boosting morale and productivity.

A safe working environment doesn’t happen by accident. It starts with creating and promoting a culture where safe actions are the default. Education, protection, and incentives are three things that contribute to making the office a better and safer place to work.

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