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Tips on how to control your tunes with Android wear

I’m still stuck on figuring out how to style the Moto 360 along with my outfits, but I’m really enjoying the opportunity to control my mobile phone from my hand when it’s buried away in my bag—especially music, that we have a routine of shuffling by means of constantly.


Most with the music or podcast apps installed on your own Android device are works with Android Wear. Here’s how it works.

Start listening

Turn up any one of one’s favorite music or perhaps podcast apps for the device that’s tethered for a Android Wear watch—this could be Spotify, Digitally Imported, TuneIn Radio, a person name it. Once you start to participate in a song or podcast on your own phone, you can glance down at the wrist to notice what you’re following. Tap the mini-notification card to pause and play the existing track, or swipe it left to get Next and Previous course controls. Most apps may even display the album art on your own watch.

Bear planned that music will minimize playing if a person engage Android Wear’s style control, or when you get a call, but will start backup when you’re accomplished.

Some music buffering apps offer their particular custom Android Have on support, so you may see more than just the simple playback options offered on your own watch after you’ve ecstatic a playlist.

Other playback alternatives

Not every music apps participate in nice with Android Wear at this time. If you inevitably be in this scenario, check out Have on Music Controller, that provides better playback adjustments for music along with podcast apps.

The process under way set up. Download Wear Music Controller on the Google Play Store then sync it approximately your device using the Android Wear software. You can determine that it’s mounted by tapping on your own watch device’s screen to bring up voice command option, then scroll down to “Start…” and then determine that it’s listed combined with other installed purposes.

Wear Music Controller is only going to work for an endeavor period of some days, after which it’ll prompt you to buy the full licenses for $1.90. The app’s Enjoy store page also carries a thorough listing that music and podcast programs are compatible so you don’t end up purchasing an app you can’t operate.

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