Tips to Stay Safe When Going Out with Friends

It is always fun to have a night out with friends. Especially when alcohol is involved, it is important to stay safe. Here are some tips to feel more secure when going to a party or club.

Stay Safe When Going Out with Friends


Establish a Designated Driver

Although it may seem obvious that one person in your group of friends will be the designated driver when the night comes to an end, it is important to pick the right person for the responsibility. Any amount of alcohol can affect mental capacity, so treat your designated driver to non-alcoholic beverages throughout the night without worrying about impairment. Choosing a designated driver before going out can help avoid conflict later and other participants can have peace of mind when consuming alcohol.

Only Bring Necessary Items

Bringing a large purse can negatively affect your experience. Instead, make sure all of your essentials, such as wallets, keys, cell phones and credit cards. If you have or wear identifiers such as dog tags or an engraved medical id, bringing them will help to identify you or provider medical personnel with vital information in case of an emergency. Carrying a list of phone numbers to contact if you lose your cell phone can also be a good idea.

Protect your Drink

Leaving your alcoholic beverage unattended can be an invitation for someone tampering with it. You can take a few simple steps to prevent unwanted substances being slipped in to your drink. Holding your drink by the top makes it near impossible for anyone to bother with it. Always keeping an eye on your alcohol is the best way to ensure you are only consuming what you ordered. This will ensure that you and your friends have a good time without worrying about the implications of drinking liquor that has been meddled with.

Going out with friends does not have to be stressful or worrisome if you take the necessary precautions beforehand. By following this advice, you can fully enjoy yourself safely.

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