Top 4 Types of Industrial Blenders

Like how a vertical food mixer is a crucial element in a kitchen, an industrial blender is necessary for any mixing business. These blend a variety of ingredients, including solids, liquids, and pastes. Their powerful motors, easy to use controls, and reliability makes a few types of blenders stand out.

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1. Ribbon Blenders

Ribbon blenders are considered one of the best overall types. They can mix pastes and coat solids with liquids. Plus, they can run at a variety of speeds. They are also incredibly reliable and durable. This makes them a favorite in many blending businesses.

2. Fluidizers

These are an up and coming style. Fluidizers offer a variety of speed settings, low noise levels, and thorough mixing. They come in different sizes, so they can easily be incorporated into most shops. The blending skill, easy use, and durability also make them popular in the industry.

3. Paddle Blenders

Paddle blenders are mighty machines. The strong motor contributes to thorough blends. Additionally, they are durable and easy to use. This means they can withstand some of the toughest abuse. You can also find these machines at lower prices used and still expect them to work great. However, they don’t offer as much speed variance as some of the other types. This means they are good for applications that need power, but not necessarily grace.

4. Rotary Blenders

Rotary mixers are blending machines that can substantially lower the cost of your process. This is because they operate with less horsepower. They provide a thorough mix when you need it. Also, they have a small footprint so that they can fit into any shop. This makes them a great option for blending different ingredients. However, they are not common in the United States.

Industrial blenders are a necessary part of a mixing business. These blenders are the top options on the market due to their various benefits.

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