Top 6 hottest nightclubs in Bangkok


Bangkok’s night-time revelry is legendary and comparable to party-hubs across the world. Hipsters and locals waltz into clubs like Glow along with Route 66 well past midnight, which shut down only at your break of daybreak. The better clubs have a year-long schedule associated with visiting DJs—often headlining acts—and it’s a wise decision to get in the tad early. The majority of clubs charge a good entry fee, and will also impose any dress code which includes proper shoes. Call and verify before planning your night out partying.

Funky Villa

Regardless of the affliction of a terrible name, Funky Villa possesses still managed as a well established night time destination on your increasingly hip Thong Lor reel. A warmly illuminated building decked available in contemporary home furniture and curved lumber panelling, Funky Villa is very popular with younger, affluent Thais who prefer their clubbing to have a refined, Hollywood edge.

Crowds flock to know the ever popular night time live bands, as well as DJs spinning pick out hip-hop tracks. Issues had enough on the riff-raff (and you might be deemed special enough), you possibly can head through towards the cordoned-off VIP area to relish the party with celebrity style.


The name could possibly have just about just as much subtlety as your garish ‘heaven along with hell’-inspired decor, yet G. O. N. is one of the most effective places to be after the tamer clubs close for your night. When the wall clock strikes two in the morning, local Thai along with farang (foreigner) gays along with gaggles of straight girls arrive in their droves for this thumping, three-level club and also the party keeps going strong until it’s 5am closing.

Drag shows kick-start proceedings in the earlier hours with techno and house overpowering later on, keeping the put together crowd of locals and foreigners happy before sun comes up.


The fact that it promotes itself for “upscale nightclub” is a clear indication of the type of crowd Bash is intent on dragging. Past the purple velvet rope, a retro-styled elevator will transport a few decades through time for you to the super futuristic fresh megaclub, with enough gold accents to place the Grand Construction to shame.


LED is a family member newcomer to your long-running mega-club get together scene on Royal City Avenue. Previously known as 808, this new incarnation sees little or no change to your already winning formula that had throngs flocking here 6 nights a week—big title DJs, amazing sound system, beautiful clientele—except currently, it’s just more plush.

Nightclubs on Royal City Avenue

Never has your moniker ‘something for everybody’ rung truer than when assigned to Royal City Avenue – Bangkok’s street dedicated to late-night escapades. Although the idea of a government-sanctioned party zone might appear like a contradiction with terms, this long stretch of road involving Rama 9 along with Phetchaburi roads is just about the best places to head for a guaranteed good period.

Route 66

Over just your common club, Route 66 is much like a little city thanks to its sprawling locations dedicated to a variety of different genres. It’s split straight into sections named after the cardinal directions—North and South make you the mainstream locations, West is best places head for Thai traditional acoustic numbers, and East would be the packed-to-the-rafters hip-hop segment.

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