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Twitter copies Facebook, major changes coming soon

Appears like Twitter is developing up. It’s not the young up-start, nor the adolescent attempting to find itself and make a profit. It’s now your adult businessman out to create money and show the planet his full likely. At least that’s what some of the changes that Tweets is announcing currently are leading us to trust.


The social system made its plans for the longer term public and it seems as if some major changes are just around the corner. First up Twitter announced it’d start supporting local videos, not only Vines, meaning you’ll soon be able to share a whole lot more than 140 heroes.

But the huge change announced today goes directly to the core involving what Twitter will be. The social system is changing how it operates as well as displays tweets. Up to now users simply got a stream involving unfiltered, chronologically ordered tweets and it also was up for many years to decide what’s crucial and what’s certainly not.

But starting next year Twitter will work some of that filtering for individuals, supposedly only exhibiting a snapshot of the total number involving tweets we’d see. In other words Twitter has become Facebook. And there’s nothing wrong with that and may possibly help attract completely new users. As long seeing that those users use a choice: see all messages depending on the old system or just an important ones as per the new one.

This filtering engine will reveal when tweets from users you never follow will begin to show up with your timeline. Those tweets are chosen according to who you stick to, your interests, and so forth. It will also supply to offer completely new users a pre-defined stream in case they’re not in mood to build their own: a sort of “ What to Watch” for ones stream.

Finally Direct Messages can become easier to utilize with users to be able to take a open public conversation private. This also are the first characteristic to roll available. Starting next week users is able to share and web page link tweets natively on the inside of DMs.

So what think? Is Twitter doing the correct things for it is business or may veteran users find many of these changes as improper? If you’re a Twitter user tell us in the feedback below.

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