Uses of Braided Composites Materials

Braided composites are an excellent choice of material for many applications, such as large ships and pressure vessels. The uses are as follows;

Braided Composites

  • Mooring lines for large ships (e.g., oil tankers): Braided composite materials are used because they can bend rather than break in strong currents, have nearly zero stretch, and are not affected by UV rays or biodegradation. They also weatherproof, have a long service life, and are inexpensive to produce compared with other strong synthetic fiber materials.
  • Scaling up the use of activated carbon filters for wastewater treatment: Generally, manufacturers have been unable to economically produce porous media that can be used in fluidized beds at high temperatures due to the deterioration of the mechanical properties of activated carbon under these conditions. The material can be made using braiding procedures that overcome this limitation without sacrificing its adsorptive capacity.
  • Pressure vessels (e.g., pipelines). These can be made to hold fluids and powders with a high degree of precision due to the smooth shape of the vessels and their straightness, which is achieved using braiding techniques to achieve maximum strength and minimum weight. They are also more flexible than other materials like steel pipes, allowing them to resist better earthquakes and other natural phenomena such as explosions or collisions. Additionally, they allow lines to cross over each other without difficulties in installation or damage from external forces compared with multiple welded pipes that need extra space between them when crossing paths with each other, particularly underwater crossings where accurate alignment is needed to ensure the smooth passage of cargo or people.
  • Braided Composites are also used to produce car spoilers for cars such as Ferraris, which absorb impacts without significantly impacting aerodynamics or adding weight. They are also lightweight with great structural strength and flexibility to absorb shocks while remaining rigid when in contact with other objects like road surfaces, which prevents additional damage to vital parts like brake lines or fuel tanks during collisions.

Braided composites materials have been used in various products and will continue to be used in the future because of their high strength and durability.

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