What Are Accessibility Lifts and How Do You Have Them Installed?

There are several different kinds of accessibility lifts, including wheelchair-accessible platform lifts, ramped entrances, and interior platform elevators. These elevators have various safety features, including safety interlocks and platform heights. The accessibility lift installation and service Fort Worth, TX, can be done in any part of the building to provide an accessible entrance. They can also be used to coordinate floor levels inside the building. The interior platform lift is beneficial for coordinating the level of the interior with the public way.

 Lifts and How Do You Have Them Installed

Platform lifts

Platform lifts are self-operating elevators that can transport disabled people from one floor to another. Because they are self-operating, they can help people with physical disabilities achieve their goals of improved independence. Unlike a stairlift, platform lifts cost a fraction of the price of elevators. While not as high-tech or performance-based as elevators, they offer a great level of accessibility. Whether you need an elevator or need to access multiple floors in a building, a platform lift can make a huge difference.

These lifts offer free vertical access to different levels and can be installed adjacent to stairs or doors to allow easy access. Some of these lifts even feature emergency lowering mechanisms.

Safety interlocks

The new standard for wheelchair lifts requires that they meet certain safety requirements. Those standards include emergency stop switches, over-speed protection, and movable barrier plates. Safety barrier switches prevent the doors from opening when the lift is not present. Some lifts also incorporate safety interlocks. These interlocks are designed to prevent wheelchairs from operating when the lift is not in use. However, many wheelchair lifts do not comply with these safety requirements.

The electronic safety interlock of the invention allows the lift to move only when the passenger is securely fastened into the wheelchair. Alternatively, the electronic safety interlock is an electric switch positioned inside the restraining belt buckle. Therefore, the lift moves only when the restraining belt tab is inserted into the buckle. Moreover, the invention relates to the mechanical arts and is directed to improving passenger lifts having safety features.


The costs of installing an accessibility lift range from PS9,000 to over seven thousand pounds. The cost depends on the location and type of lift you select and its features and specifications. In most cases, the cost is less than ten thousand pounds, though some can cost as much as seven hundred thousand pounds. The cost of an accessibility lift can also be higher if you require a lift that can carry mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

While a standard lift platform is fine for most people, some may have larger needs. For example, you might need a larger platform if you have a front gate. To estimate the size of the platform, measure the room with a painter’s tape and then imagine yourself in a wheelchair, walker, or chair. Then, figure out how much space the platform will need and call the company.


Many people have accessibility issues, but installing an accessibility lift can help them access every floor of a building. This equipment is significantly cheaper than ramps and elevators, and can be installed in any part of the building. Accessibility lifts can be visually appealing too. Additionally, an accessibility lift provides better mobility and independence than a standard elevator. Regardless of the reason for needing an accessibility lift, a wheelchair lift is an excellent solution. In addition to improving access, it helps increase the comfort level of those who use wheelchairs and can reduce the risk of injuries and falls.

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