What Are Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services?

Healthcare providers need to familiarize themselves with the current best practices on how to administer Culturally and Linguistically Services. The Think Cultural Health initiative has established CLAS standards to remove barriers to care and bridge disparities in the quality of care that people receive. Here are some of the most important elements and applications of CLAS standards for care providers.

Culturally and Linguistically

What Should Be In a CLAS Plan?

An organization should outline its CLAS policies comprehensively and identify who within an organization is responsible for implementation and compliance. A CLAS plan can also identify situations when personnel need to call for translation services and when in-person or telephonic services are necessary. It is eal function. Organizations that need telephone interpretation Cumming GA can find an experienced company that is based in their location.

What Providers Should Follow CLAS Standards?

A variety of healthcare service providers and administrators need to comply with applicable CLAS standards. In addition to frontline care providers such as doctors and nurses, it is important that additional providers such as pharmacy teams and case management staff. Supportive housing providers as well as outreach workers who serve homeless individuals.

When Is CLAS Compliance Required?

Some healthcare organizations are obligated to create CLAS policies as a matter of compliance. Some federal grant sources as well as certain contracts with the Department of Health and Human Services require participants to create plans geared towards the logistics of addressing language barriers.

It is prudent to take steps aimed at ensuring that team members at every level of an organizational hierarchy have a strong understanding of the important role of CLAS standards. Good training initiatives in addition to clear internal policies can help to assure that everyone knows what they need to do in their individual job roles order to consistently give clients the best possible quality of care.

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