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What Is Salesforce – Improve Company Performance

Salesforce is a customer relationship management tool located in the Cloud so any business, from small to worldwide can access and use the tool. Salesforce is available in 16 languages and has more than 800 applications. Salesforce provides a business software to help with managing sales orders and projections, knowledge management, marketing plans, partner relationships, customer application development, analytics, and service and support. The software is web-based and features custom reporting tools for contact management and leads all controlled through an interactive dashboard. And what is Salesforce actually? It’s battle-tested platform, proven to help businesses manage large volumes of information and improve communication across departments resulting in exemplary customer service.

Many companies rely heavily on the metrics and reporting tools found within Salesforce, so it is imperative that all the data be as accurate as possible. Well-planned workflows, careful data management, and established internal processes can help. Lets see what is Salesforce and how it can help your organization.

Learn What Is Salesforce Now

To ensure data accuracy and successful reporting from Salesforce, administrators should consider the following steps.

– Compare all important records to the information loaded in Salesforce. Ensure all information is accounted for and that everything adds up correctly.

– Use a duplicate monitoring tool to help keep the database accurate. There is nothing quite as frustrating for a sales team as making what they think is a cold call, only to find the person or company is already a customer or has been called by someone else.

– Automate every task using workflow rules. Administrators can get creative here and really take control over how processes are done.

– Generate reports and save them. It also helps to use logical names for the reports in case someone else needs to access them. Each report should be separate, even if it is the same data used, just a different date.

– Automate emails to the sales teams. This is also helpful in keeping the sales teams apprised of their progress and performance This can save a great deal of time and help improve the efficiency of the sales team.

– When learning Salesforce, do it one task at a time. As the administrator works more and more with Salesforce, they will discover all sorts of little tricks to refine tasks and increase efficiency. Use these to improve one task at a time. Otherwise, everything can begin to run together.

– Find a mentor. There are may forums on Salesforce where a new administrator can find advice and guidance. It helps to spend some time on the forums and find a few others who can answer the tough questions. Whenever there is a question, go straight to these folks and they will most likely be happy to help.

– Develop sales team processes. Develop clear and detailed instructions for the sales team to enter data. This will help ensure the database is clean.

– Document everything. Always document everything done in Salesforce, especially new processes, guidelines or reports. These are very valuable when someone else is trying to use Salesforce and the administrator may not be available to help.

Salesforce is a powerful CRM tool providing companies and small businesses the ability to track company performance. I hope these answers to the what is Salesforce question will help you learn how to use it effectively. It sure is a well worth investment that saves time and money.

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