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What Makes an Email Marketing Campaign Effective?

Email marketing shouldn’t be complicated. Every day people are bombarded with spam email and all sorts of different advertising in an attempt to sell them something. Grabbing someone’s attention should scare them. Your advertisement needs to be clear, easy to understand and interesting. Take the time to fine-tune and tweak your offer and make sure the message is clear and to the point.  Be concise in your message and don’t overload the recipient with unimportant details.


Below are a few tips you should understand and add-in to your email marketing strategy.

  1. Subject Line –Make your subject line direct, to the point and short. Don’t overload or sell in the subject line. All you’re trying to do is to peak the persons interest in what you are selling. Give them a reason to open your email and see what you’reselling.
  2. A Good Email Design –Take the time to create and design a good looking email ad and make sure it appears professional and the message is on target. You always want to check your spelling, grammar and make sure all of your links work. Again, give the recipient enough information to entice them to click through to your website and see what it is you are offering. It’s all in the details of what your offer is all about.
  3. Good Email Data –Make sure your email list is clean and deliverable and doesn’t have spam seeds, dead emails or harmful email addresses that could damage your IP reputation and make it more difficult to deliver email all together. If you are not sure of the quality of the email data, you should look to have your email list cleaned up or even verified. Email Answers offers a reliable and inexpensive service that will clean up and validate each email in your list if you are unsure how good your email list actually is.
  4. A Clean& Simple Website –Once the users make it to your website, you need to make sure your website explains in detail what you’re offering. Make the description simple to understand. Use plain and easyterms without getting overcomplicated. Unless you are selling a complex, technical service, then make sure you explain all of the specifics in detail.  Ensure your landing page is simple to understand and allows the user to interact easily. This should help them decide to either fill out a lead form or make a purchase without having to redesign the wheel to be able to do it.

Email marketing isn’t as difficult as you think.

Keep it simple, use common sense and follow the rules and you will be fine. Just make sure your message is easy to understand, interesting and not spammy looking or sounding.


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