What You Need To Know About White-Labeled Products

White label providers create products or services that are to be re-branded and re-sold by other companies. Review these simple steps to better understand what is involved in the white label process.

What You Need To Know About White-Labeled Products

Find a Manufacturer

First, you will need to find a reputable manufacturer who makes the products you want to sell. A white label manufacturer will create un-branded products that are in high demand for you to resell under your brand name. Be sure the manufacturer is transparent and trustworthy. Ask for samples as a way to test products and review their quality before committing to large orders. When you decide on which products you like, you can move forward with placing your first order. Some manufacturers will offer bottle and labeling services, so you receive the finished product ready to sell on your shelves. If they don’t label the bottles during production, you may have to print your labels separately.

Design Your Label

Since the products you are purchasing will be unbranded, you need to create your brand and label design. Your label is what grabs the attention of your customer and lets them know what your product is. Labels are an important part of marketing your product. You can work with a graphic designer to develop a logo and design each product’s label. Your designer can help your brand develop a consistent look and stand out amongst the competition. Make sure your label design fits all requirements set forth by your manufacturer or state. Some products require disclaimers, warnings, ingredients, and other information listed on particular labels. Your manufacturer may provide a basic label template with the required information and size specs for your label designs.

Market Your Product

In addition to having an eye-catching label, you need to actively market your product. The great thing about white label products is that they are already in high demand. This makes it a lot easier for new businesses to enter and compete within a market. Since you will have likely saved a lot of money on manufacturing costs, you can invest more into your marketing and promotions. Create a website and social media profile to promote your products online. By building an online presence you can better engage with your customers and stand out amongst the competition. Take professional product pictures to display on your site and show off your new products.

With these steps, you can better understand how to expand your product line and begin selling your white-labeled products.

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