What You Should Know About Running a Gym

Each year over 80 million adults spend nearly $28 billion on gym memberships in the US alone. Opening a gym in the right location can be quite lucrative, especially if it serves an unmet need for enough customers. Once you’ve done the research and picked the right type of gym, be it a sport-specific training center or a typical health club, here are things you should think carefully about.

What You Should Know About Running a Gym


After determining the type of facility, you need to figure out staffing. Some positions such as front desk personnel may not require specialized training or much experience. Personal trainers, fitness instructors and massage therapists will need to demonstrate knowledge, certification and experience. The type of credentialed staff largely depends on the type of gym and services offered. Your customers should be confident that they’re dealing with knowledgeable experts.


Gym members often choose to join based on the quality of the facility and the amenities offered. For example, a club that has specific fitness classes may be more popular than one that only offers cardio machines and weight equipment. When researching, pay attention to the amenities that appeal to potential customers and think carefully about any necessary features. For example, you could invest in top of the line elliptical trainers, but you should also consider airing cable TV through a satellite video management system Lexington KY for clients to watch.


It may make sense for you to sell products at your gym. Branded apparel and gear not only enhance your customers’ workouts, but they also help promote your gym. If a customer forgets to bring a water bottle, they’ll love the convenience of being able to buy one before working out. Consider a vending machine with water, protein drinks and snacks for a pre- or post-workout boost.

There’s gold in the health and fitness industry. Owning and operating a gym can be a great way to get in on this business. Thoroughly research the market to come up with a business plan that puts money in your pocket and helps people get or stay in shape!

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