Why Reston’s Design Works

Northern Virginia is an area with a lot to offer. The traffic may be a nightmare, but the countryside is unbeatable and you have relatively easy access to Washington DC. However, on account of the traffic, it can be difficult to enjoy all the benefits of living in Northern Virginia, unless you find an area like Reston. Reston is unusual because it is a planned community. It didn’t grow organically, it was designed and expanded over time in accordance with the original plan. Not all designed communities work but Reston absolutely does and are just a few reasons why.

Why Reston's Design Works

Big City Access

Reston has easy access to the Metro, and through the Metro, to DC. This means that it is possible to get into the very heart of the nation’s capital without needing to enjoy the nation’s traffic jams. Access to the city also means access to all kinds of services. Whether it’s the museums of DC, the outlet center in Leesburg or the convenience of a printer service Reston VA has easy access to it all.

Small Town Feel

Communities that are planned, especially those with big city connections, often lose their sense of — well, community. Reston has managed to avoid that with a people-oriented and community-centered design that places the emphasis on residents and gives it a small town feel that belies its cosmopolitan nature.

Rural Benefits

What really makes Reston special is its green spaces. Open, functional spaces like golf courses are littered throughout the town, and all the major areas are linked by paths through dense woodland.

Reston combines all the benefits of the big city without sacrificing the charms of either suburban or rural life, so it’s easy to see why home values in Reston remain remarkably stable even through times of economic crisis. Fundamental appeals like this are hard to argue with.

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