Will the Biden Administration Negatively Impact E1 Visa Approvals?

Between Covid-19 travel restrictions and immigration policy reform promised from the Biden Administration, it is natural to wonder what will happen to the E1 visa program in 2021 and beyond. Will the E1 visa program be negatively impacted by the Biden Administration? The short answer is, probably not.

E1 Visa

When President Trump signed the proclamation suspending work visas for tech and skilled labor, it wasn’t the E1 program he was aiming for. Every case is different, and E1 visa Los Angeles-based questions would benefit from a consultation with a lawyer. However, E1 visas are not likely to see the hammer from President Biden.

What did President Trump do to the E1 Visa?

President Trump did not negatively impact the E1 visa program at all. He suspended the H1B, H2B, H4, L1, and J1 visas for 2020.

He did not consider the E1-series of visas in his proclamation because E1 visas cover priority and essential workers, and also contribute to trade. It’s good for the economy of the United States to keep the E1 visa approval doors open, and swinging regularly.

One unique exception to this was the suspension of E1 visas to Iran. In 2020, he removed Iran from the eligible list and stripped Iran nationals of both E1 and E2 eligibility amid tensions between Washington and Tehran.

What Will President Biden do for E1 Visas?

President Biden is not likely to negatively impact the E1 visa program with any additional immigration reform policy for the same reason. He wants the country to do well, and sometimes that means trading with priority workers.

While President Biden hasn’t done anything yet regarding President Trump’s Iran moves, he hasn’t indicated he will make any changes there either.

Contact a Lawyer

If you have questions regarding the E1 program, contact an immigration lawyer who can help you determine if you are eligible. The application process can take up to six months.

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